Yoga prop alternatives

Equipment alternatives

If you have any equipment have it handy. If not then be inventive with things around your home.

1. Use coffee table books if you haven’t got foam blocks. Remember if their covers are glossy bind a stack in a towel or strap them with a belt.
2. Have a chair handy for leaning against, doing seated poses or to lie over. If you haven’t a yoga chair use a chair without side arms
3. Sturdy side tables are handy
4. A stack of towels make a great shoulder stand lift – make sure the full length of your upper arm is supported.
5. Couch cushions are great to support the head in supine poses for those who usually use a blanket. A towel will do as well.
6. Stacked pillows make a great bolster – tie them so they don’t slide apart when your weight is on them.
7. A table/desk/kitchen work surface/window ledge are all great as props to lean over or support legs in standing poses.
8. A wall of course if you have free space. I suggest if you don’t, in these times when we’re not entertaining, rearrange the furniture.
9. A sofa is great to support the legs say in Savasana so you’ll lie on the floor, sofa cushion under your head and legs on the couch seat.
10. Use a dressing gown cord if you don’t have a yoga belt

Be inventive, but be safe.

This was compiled by Sharon Klaff, a fellow Iyengar yogi. With thanks