Home class COVID requirements

All home classes must be booked in advance. If I haven’t confirmed your place then you are not able to attend. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to the class you will need to still pay.
Doors open 5 mins before the class starts please arrive early. Please arrive ready to practise, no changing within my home if possible.
If you have a temperature, feel unwell or have had exposure to the Covid-19 virus, do not enter the building.
Home classes
  • Up to 4 people per class
  • Mats will be spaced around 1 metre apart in marked spaces
  • Please bring your own mat and equipment
  • Wear masks & socks to your mat
  • No manual adjustments
1-2-1 classes
  • Held in the yoga studio separate to the group class space
  • Will be cleaned between classes
  • Your belongings will need to be stored in the yoga room
  • Limit use of bathroom where possible
  • Arrive ready for the class in appropriate clothing where possible
  • Bring you own mat and equipment where possible but otherwise I will allocate separate equipment for you
  • Wear a mask during the lesson for manual adjustments
Safety Measures
The following safety measures are in place to make the building as safe as possible for students and myself.
  • Limited class numbers to ensure sufficient space between students and teachers in line with government guidelines
  • Limited use of equipment – you need to bring your own equipment. Occasionally I can lend chairs only.
  • Limited use of changing in bathrooms and the hall. If you can, please arrive ready to practice.
  • Provision of sanitising products for students
  • Improved ventilation and enhanced cleaning to my home
  • Please wear warmer clothes as windows will need to be open
  • Careful management of entry to classes and upon exit – you need to enter my home and with minimal use of the hallway go directly through to your mat space and try to keep your belongings there. You will leave one by one.
  • Payment needs to be ideally prior to the class. Online payment as before to:
    O Howden Account 25297393 Sort code 08-92-86
Cleaning protocols
New cleaning will be in place:
  • Clean floor throughout shared areas
  • Cleansing of all handles and surfaces with anti-viral products between every class
  • Single-use blue hand towels in the bathroom – please put in white bin. Please try to use the bathroom at home to limit it’s use.
  • Hand sanitiser must be used on entry
  • You need to bring your own equipment, keep it in your area, and take it home
  • Please reduce the amount you bring into my home so that we can manage the use of the hallway
  • Increased areas to leave coats and bags
Liability waiver
You will be asked to sign the waiver below to state that you understand the risk of attending a live studio class, before you arrive at class. I will not be insured to teach you, unless you’re able to sign the waiver.
If you can print this up at home, sign and email back please do as it is much safer than me having to print and sanitise pens.