About Yoga

The word “yoga” means “joining” / “yoking” or to unite. In practising yoga, one is on the journey to uniting body, mind, intellect and soul.

Many people are drawn to yoga for its physical exercises or postures which with regular practice improve flexibility, strength and balance. However, the study of yoga also includes an increased awareness of the way we breathe, relaxation and meditation.

Yoga is a philosophy, art and science, dating back over 2000 years, through which practitioners aspire to balance the body, mind and spirit, learning to live in harmony with themselves and their environment.

For complete beginners, yoga is simply a series of postures (asanas) which improve health and wellbeing in an holistic way. Regular practise of these postures will stretch and strengthen every muscle, use all your joints through their full range of movement, massage your internal organs and improve your circulation, hormonal system and breathing capacity.

As one progresses, breath control (pranayama) is gradually introduced. The physical benefits are enhanced by a sense of calm and contentment.

The benefits of practising Iyengar yoga include:

  • good health and sense of wellbeing
  • strength and stamina
  • mobility and flexibility
  • posture and sense of balance
  • vitality and self-confidence
  • improved concentration